Lesson Idea

Education Values

Theme: Democratic Values
Relates to WACC: ACHCK050, ACHCK061, ACHCK078, ACHCK090, ACHCK094, VCCCC036, VCCCG019, VCCCG029, VCCCL022, VCCCL034

Tuning In

Students are provided with a stimulus, such as Young Australian of the Year: Corey Tutt, fundraising for science in schools or Awer Mabil named 2023 Young Australian of the Year video to identify the behaviour shown by a person.  Conduct a class callout to collate the types of behaviour shown in the stimulus.

Lesson Idea

Explain that our thoughts and actions towards ourselves and others are based on the values that we believe in. In Australia, educators believe that schooling should assist students in developing values that encourage positive behaviours.

  • Hand out the resource The Australian Values of Schooling. In pairs, groups or as a jigsaw activity, students fill in the template discussing and sharing ideas.  Ask each pair/group to pick one value that they feel most strongly about.
  • Provide students with access to the Values X Chart to complete.
  • Provide students with access to the When My Value Is Compromised Y Chart to complete.
  • Complete the activity by asking a representative from each pair/group to share their responses.

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