Lesson Idea

Values Of Our Australian Society

Theme: Democratic Values
Relates to WACC: ACHCK050, ACHCK061, ACHCK078, ACHCK090, ACHCK094, VCCCC036, VCCCG019, VCCCG029, VCCCL022, VCCCL034
  • In 2016 the Australian government produced a booklet Life in Australia: Australian Values and Principles. It is designed for people who wish to apply for an Australian visa.
    • Ask students to explain, either as a call out or in their journals, the following statement from the booklet.

“In order to maintain a stable, peaceful and prosperous community, Australians of all backgrounds are expected to uphold the shared principles and values that underpin Australian society.”

    • Brainstorm with the class the values they think should be in this list.
  • Provide students with the Australian Values handout to complete.
    • Compare the values on the sheet with the class brainstorm and discuss what is common and why some values may be different.
    • Discuss with the class why, when applying for a visa to visit Australia, applicants aged 18 years and over are required to sign an Australian Values Statement confirming they will respect Australian values and obey the laws of Australia.
  • Students compare the process of visa application in Australia with another country. The focus of their research should be on how each process is used to ensure that the values of the society are upheld.

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